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Herlock Sholmes: The Book

Herlock Sholmes: The Book

Author: Jeremiah Warren

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 184 pages

Language: English

ISBN: 9781462882953

Published: July 7th 2011

"The Universe has many mysteries and many stories to tell. One of these stories is the planet Earth. It is the biggest mystery with the most stories to tell. It is a world of black and white, hot and cold, loud and quiet, dark and light, brilliance and foolishness. And the mystery is how each of these two things can exist as one. One man continues to defy all logic. Join me, Scott Wilson the narrator, on an epic journey of Mystery, Comedy, Romance, Action, Sci-fi, and Monkeys!
Is Herlock Sholmes, the World’s Greatest Detective, a genius; or is he a complete idiot? Can Watson survive the next ten years with him? Will Chief Tolerant ever retire? Will Detective Sholmes ever be promoted to Lieutenant? Who is Captain Tavian Striker? Will Ann Fuzzymole ever catch Herlock? Will Kayla Honeycutt ever find the Stone of Power? What is 32(X+5X+2)? What is X if X=4? Please, show all of your work. What color is Becky Sommer’s hair? Where did my other taco go? Seriously, it was just here! Find the clues and solve these mysteries only in Herlock Sholmes: The Book.